You can save money by ordering prints from your digital originals or from our high-quality scans from your negative film by ordering them as Proofs.  Proofs from your digital originals are available as either Lab Corrected or Self Corrected products when ordered through Snelson ROES. Proofs from film are available as Lab Corrected products only at the time of processing. The paper is the same, the attention to quality is the same, the only difference is that you must order a minimum of 10 prints.

There is only a minimum of 10 prints that need to be ordered to qualify for proof pricing and you can combine different sizes to fill your proofing order when ordered using ROES. Lab Corrected Proofs are available up to 5×7 borderless or with black or white borders. Self corrected Proofs are available up to 11×14 borderless and up to 5×7 with either black or white borders.

Need more border options? Just contact us to request custom colors and border widths. We’re happy to accommodate your custom requests.

Here’s a HUGE cost saving tip not available from other labs!

When placing your proof order using Snelson ROES you can use either the Lab Corrected proofs catalog (we correct the color) or the Self Corrected proof catalog (you correct the color) and combine as many images and different sizes as you need to fill your order as long as there are at least 10 images to print.

That’s right! With proofing orders you no longer have to order all the same size, you only have to have 10 images!