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is a full featured app that runs in a single webpage. It has many of the same features of the ROES Desktop Client without the need of a download and installation. No need for a separate folder, just navigate to your images and load them up!

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You can place an order with our ROES online ordering system from your laptop or desktop computer using Snelson ROES for Mac or Snelson ROES for Windows quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your office or home.

Your images are encapsulated with all the order data and sent directly to our print servers. We start working on your order as soon as it finishes sending from your computer. If you have any questions about using Snelson ROES please contact us, we are happy to help you through the process.

Start by chosing the ROES application appropriate to your operating system. Complete instructions are available in an easy-to-follow PDF you can access with the button below.

Once you have used ROES for the first time a Snelson ROES start-up icon will be placed on your desktop. You can access Snelson ROES directly from your desktop by just clicking the icon without going back into our website.

Mac OS
Windows 64 bit

Easy Pix

Easy Pix from Snelson PhotoColor Lab gives you the freedom to create fun products with your pictures. You can order almost all of the products we have available PLUS there are hundreds of pre-designed templates you can use to create scrapbook pages, greeting cards, metal prints, and more.

The Easy Pix interface is easy to use and even has pop-up instructions to guide you through the process. When you click on the “Print” button you’ll be sent to the page where you can order standard photo prints, both Lab Corrected and Self Corrected as well as Metal Prints.

The fun begins when you choose the “Create” button. You can order any of our Canvas products, Flat Metal Prints, Floating Metal Prints, scrapbook pages and greeting cards, posters and collages and even iPhone cases with lots of pre-designed templates you can use to just pop your pictures into.

Your projects can all be stored and shared with family and friends. When you click on the “Share” button and sign up for a FREE membership you can send anyone a link to your albums and projects and you can even create RSS feeds if your peeps want to follow you.

Mounting and Spray options must be entered into the “Special Instructions” section as you are finishing your order.


The following apps can all be used to send your pictures from your smartphone or from your computer

Local Prints Now

Local Prints Now is a quick, easy way to get your pictures to us for printing. Simply download the app at the App Store or on Google Play and get started.

App StoreGoogle Play
Local Prints Now

The Easy Pix app is only available for the iPhone but you can use Easy Pix from the browser on your Android.

App Store
Easy Pix