Photographic Prints

When you want to preserve your photos for generations, Snelson PhotoColor Lab is here to help. We are experts at digital photo printing and analog photo printing. We’ll make your photos look spectacular, whether they have been created with professional cameras or cell phone cameras. Photo prints work great to give as personalized gifts, to create gorgeous home and office wall décor, or to commemorate a special occasion.


Snelson PhotoColor Lab Offers a Wealth of Experience

Because our forty two years of producing professional quality photo prints we know what it takes to get photo printingdone right. From right next door or around the country, you can count on our expertise to create the most stunning works of art from your photos. Snelsons’ expert technicians take a personal interest in every project to make sure your photo processing experience is the easiest and best throughout the entire process. All photo prints are printed on professional grade archival photo paper so they will last for generations. Professional photographers have relied on our services for years, and now you can, too. When you have photos that you have taken of that special occasion, whether it is your anniversary, family portraits or your child’s birthday, commemorate the experience by having your photos printed at Snelson PhotoColor Lab, and enjoy them for years to come.

Professional Digital Photo Printing

We offer a variety of professional grade paper to choose from for your custom size photo prints. Fuji Luster is great for just about any type of image and it’s our default paper unless you specify another option from our selection of high quality paper. We use Vibrance Luster for prints more than 30″ wide. If you want a glossy finish, choose Glossy or Pearl. We can print any custom size photo you need up to 43 inches wide by almost any length.

We use only professional grade photo papers so you’re assured of the longest lasting and highest quality photographic prints available.

Fuji Luster – Fuji Crystal Archive Professional Grade Luster silver halide photo paper has a very fine grain surface and is available up to 30″ wide. If not specified in your order we default to Luster surface paper.

Vibrance Luster – Vibrance Luster Photo Paper is used on prints over 30″ wide and has a similar surface texture to Fuji Luster. Surface protective coating is required on these prints.

Fuji Pearl – Perfect for competition and display prints, Fuji Pearl offers sharp detail and high intensity colors with a high gloss, pearlesant surface.

Fuji Glossy – Fuji Crystal Archive, silver halide photo paper with a glossy finish.

There is a difference in the professional grade papers we use compared to the papers and processes used at the big box stores and consumer based photo labs.


The Print Box


Our exclusive Print Box contains your gorgeous print on Luster, Glossy or Pearl photo paper. The print is wrapped on a hardboard substrate and permanently mounted in a shadow box-like frame all ready to hang on your wall. Make the most of your wall space with your image in the new Print Box. They are custom printed and custom built to your specifications. By the way, we do this with canvas prints too.

To order your print products access our ROES online ordering system and select either the Lab Corrected Print catalog or the Self Corrected Print catalog from the “Sizes” pull-down menu in the top left corner of the ROES “Order Products” window.

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