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What's New?

Read Our Latest Blogs

Read Our Latest Blogs

  1. We just introduced a fun, new product to display your 4x6 prints on your wall. We call it the 4x6 Wall Display unit. It holds nine 4x6 prints and its quick and easy to load. Check it out!
  2. The new version of Snelson ROES just went live. There is a modified interface and some cool new features that will help speed up your order process. The Product Size Catalogs are now listed at the top where they should be, the "options" and "thumbnail" window panes in the ordering screen can be moved to suit your preferrences. My favorite location is to have the thumbnail pane with the image thumbnails at the bottom and the options pane on the right.

    You can now toggle the toolbar under the main, center window to bring up a set of 6 options that will help speed up your ordering. My favorite is the hold image option. It keeps your image in place as you change sizes! Your selected image will remain there as your sizes are changed until you actually change the image. No more putting the same image in everytime you change sizes. Play with the other options and let us know how you like the changes.
  3. We're making new products again! Last year we introduced the Canvas Box and now we are introducing the Print Box. It's just like the Canvas Box but your paper print is wrapped on a hardboard substrate and mounted into a shadow box like frame. These things look great and they are ready to hang on your wall as soon as you get them home.

    Watch for more new, upcoming products.
  4. As promised here is the picture of George Edward Anderson's studio complete with the awesome north light. Anderson is the guy in the back. Ralph Snelson Sr. is the young, good looking guy in the foreground. He's the father of Ralph Jr., the grandfather of Mike.

    Check out that sweet 8x10 view camera and the fully adjustable stand it's sitting on. How would you like a painted background like Anderson's? Nice, oval scrim/ reflector too. Those guys were amazing photographers working with the light they had available.

    Anderson owned a studio in Springville, UT that was located on the corner of 3rd South and Main street. (Allens grocery store parking lot is there now) the studio was complete with a huge north window light. It would be the envy of any photographer today.
    Anderson Studio

  5. We promised in our last newsletter that we'd be making a few Facebook posts about the history of Snelson PhotoColor Lab. We'll make the same posts in our blog. This is the first of those posts.

    Snelson PhotoColor Lab is turning 40 years old this spring. The company, like a Phoenix, rose from the ashes of a devastating fire that destroyed five businesses housed in four buildings in Springville, Utah in the spring of 1973. One of those five businesses was Castleton Photography.

    Ralph Snelson was employed at the time by Vernon Castleton, the owner of the studio, as a photo lab technician producing both black & white and color photographs. Ralph actually introduced color processing to Castleton's business.

    At the time of the fire Snelson worked full time as a math teacher at Springville Junior High and moonlighted for Castleton after school. Knowing that his school teaching salary had to be supplemented, Ralph and his wife Janet made the decision to establish their own photo processing lab which set in motion the beginning of the present business.

    Watch for the next post highlighting the deep photographic roots Snelsons have going back to the turn of the 20th century.

    Click here for a full PDF of the news article about the fire.
  6. Have you seen that we have started offering our popular Weekly Specials again. Yep, every week a different special to help you save money, and entice you to get those digital pictures printed. It's important  to print your pictures for archiving and sharing. So watch for our Weekly Specials coming to your inbox and our Facebook page. If you're not on our email list just click the link below and join up. We invite you to like us on Facebook too. sometimes we have Facebook only specials. so be sure to connect with us and start saving money.
  7. Hey, our Weekly Specials are back! Remember our popular Weekly Specials in 2010 and 2011? Well, they're back! Now you are going to save even more money on your pictures. Keep an eye on your in box and be sure to take advantage of these great specials! There will be one coming your way every week and be sure to share them with your friends.

    To start things off we're giving you a great deal on the popular Canvas Box. This is our great looking canvas product that comes complete with a frame ready to hang.

    Here's the deal and the fine print.
    To get the 30% off your new Canvas Box product simply go to our ROES online ordering system, select the "Canvas" catalog from the "Catalog" drop-down list in the bottom right corner of ROES. Then select the "Canvas Box" tab, then the size you need. If you can't find the size you need just call us, we're here to help.
     Your order must be received in the lab between 12:00am Monday March 4, 2013 and 11:59pm Sunday March 10, 2013. No promo code is required. If we receive your Canvas Box order within the time frame you'll get the 30% discount.

    Yes, there is a date stamp on your ROES order sheet. That date stamp must be within the time indicated to get the 30% off. The date stamp is calculated using the time the order finishes processing through our server. No, you don't have to use ROES for this promotion even though that's the most convenient method. You can bring your order in if you want, we'd love to see you.
  8. We just introduced cool new iPhone cases for the iPhone 4/4S and the new iPhone 5. You can put any picture you want on your case and show off your own personal style. Check out our new iPhone cases today!
  9. We just introduced print and canvas products that are easily available from your Instagram shots. Just shoot in Instagram, share to your Facebook profile, access the image in your Facebook photo gallery, download it to your computer and order your prints in our NEW InstaGramPrints catalog in ROES.
  10. We hear it from almost every photographer we work with and it goes something like this: "I am so far behind, I have a pile of editing to do and my brides are on my case for their pictures" or "I'm up until two in the morning doing this stupid editing, I just want some sleep so I'm not so ornery with my kids" or "I could really enjoy this business if I didn't have to spend so much time editing" You know what I'm talking about, you're in the same boat with these guys.

    It's time to get out of the boat and spend your time on what you do best, photography. Let us take your burden of editing so you can fly!

    It's simple, we conference together so we can understand how you like your editing done. What FX to apply, what images to delete, how you like your cropping etc. You send us your images, we edit them the way you've asked, we post them to your site, your customer makes their order, you send the order to us and we print it. Simple, right? So why aren't you doing it?

    The usual excuse is "I can save money doing it myself". Another one is "I like to maintain control of my images". The next one is "No one can do it the way I like it". The excuses actually go on and on but come on, really, do you really think you're the only one who can do editing. Go ahead and save some of the fun stuff for yourself but give Snelson PhotoColor Lab the drudgery. We've been doing editing and retouching longer than most of you reading this have even been doing photography. We started before digital cameras were even available. Photoshop was version 2 and it was 1992. No I'm not talking about CS2 I'm talking about version 2. Snelsons know how to edit, retouch and restore and we are really good at it.

    Dump your drudgery. Call us!
  11. Our latest e-newsletter just hit the streets and is full of information about our canvas products. It also has a great deal in it. Buy three canvas products and get the cheapest of the three for 50% off. Check it out now!
  12. Your loyalty is important to us. We try hard to make your experience with us enjoyable and stress free. We hope we've accomplished that.

    Because you are the most important part of our business we want to reward you. We are trying to come up with a great loyalty program for you and we're asking for your help in putting it together. Let us know about your favorite Snelson products and how you use them. Tell us what you think would make a great loyalty program for you and what you'd like to be rewarded with. Just post your comments here on the blog or send an email to Mike and let's see what we can all do working together.

  13. Our latest email highlights our calendar products. Check out the calendars. Even if it is only July, it's time to start getting your images ready now.

    Press printed calendars open to a full 11" × 17". Durable 110lb. card stock withstands everyday use, and acid-free paper ensures photographs will look great for years to come. You'll be delighted with the value of these high quality keepsake calendars. These great looking calendars are center spiral bound and available to order in Snelson ROES. They make the perfect addition to your wedding packages. Family portraits also make fun calendars. Even fun family snapshots can be collaged together to make the perfect gift.

    The photo paper calendars come in four standard sizes with custom sizes available. Desktop Jewel Case calendars come in a special jewel case that easily opens for display on a desk or table. The wall calendars come spiral bound and drilled at the top to hang on a wall hook. The standard size wall calendars are available in 8x12, 10x13 and 11x14. We can make any custom size you want and we can make the calendar run clear until 2014. Contact Mike for information on custom size photo calendars.
  14. We had two customers yesterday, here at the same time, telling each other what a great experience it is working with Snelson PhotoColor Lab. They talked of bad experiences at one of the big box stores and how much better the service and products are at Snelsons. We love to hear that kind of talk. Why is it so much better? Because we understand color, we have fantastic employees who are genuinely concerned about each client and their individual needs and we do all we can to meet those needs with a fair price. Oh, and we use professional grade Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper.
  15. Beginning tomorrow, June 13 we're going to be highlighting all of our products each week in an email. If you're on our list you'll get some great information. If you're not on our list, get on it! What are you waiting for? We have a lot of new products and some products and services that many of our customers don't even know about. We'll be highlighting the product and explaining how to use it and how to save money.
  16. OK so now that we have this blog window on our website I guess I need to start getting serious about blogging. What I'd really like is to know what you want to hear about. Let me know what you'd like to see here. Let me know what you'd like to learn about. Let me know what interests you. I'll do my best to comply. Just let me know.
  17. Don't forget to order your gallery wrap before May 11.
  18. Yes, we do have a new website! Faster loading, easier navigation, better looking. Let us know what you think!

Professional Photo Printing Online

There is no better way to preserve, celebrate or announce your special moments in life than by commemorating them with high quality photos. Snelson PhotoColor Lab offers top of the line digital photo printing services. Create gorgeous works of art from your digital photos, slides or even old time photographs. Whether you want to use your images for gift giving occasions, home and office décor, or to send out as invitations, you will enjoy having the expert’s touch that only years of experience in photo printing can provide. Enjoy the benefits that Snelson PhotoColor Lab can provide, whether you order online or stop by in person.

You can easily order online using one of our online ordering systems below.

Mac 10.7 and higher

Mac OS lower than 10.7

Windows 64bit OS

Windows 32bit OS

digital photo prints online

Best Online Photo Printing

Here at Snelson PhotoColor Lab we're proud to offer a complete collection of professional photo printing service products. The online ordering process makes it quick and easy to order a large variety of items from the comfort of your own office, or even on the go. Whether you want photo prints, canvas prints, event packages, greetings, announcements, or invitations, you can find everything you need to feature your favorite photos for a lifetime of enjoyment. High quality photos are our specialty, and not only can you count on professional photo printing, you can also rely on expert restorations and retouching to preserve the memories from years gone by.

Reliable Service

The experts at Snelson PhotoColor Lab are available to offer you full support from start to finish for all of your photo printing needs. We are experienced with over 40 years of photo processing and with the best online photo printing service available, we can ensure that your digital photo prints turn out exactly the way you planned. In addition, you’ll be delighted with the fast turnaround time and professional results, and will enjoy how gorgeous your images look.

Snelson's Superior Digital Photo Printing Services

It is no wonder that professional photographers and photo enthusiasts around the country count on Snelson PhotoColor Lab for their professional photo printing services. Creating the most spectacular pictures has been the passion of Snelson PhotoColor Lab since 1973. Our customers keep coming back to us for photo printing needs because with the years of experience Snelson PhotoColor Lab has, our customers are sure to have a great experience. From the products offered to the dedicated customer support, pleasantly affordable prices and the highest quality photo products available, no other photo printing lab can compare.

Snelson PhotoColor Lab is the First Choice When You Need High Quality and Competitive Pricing

The pricing at Snelson PhotoColor Labs is intentionally kept very affordable so you can enjoy high quality online photo printing services without breaking the bank. In addition, we take a personal interest in every image that comes through the Lab, ensuring that your order is correct and that you will be thrilled with the final product. Everyone will comment on how fantastic your photos look whether you are selling them professionally, giving them as gifts, or keeping them for your own enjoyment.

If you are interested in professional photo printing services and products, contact us today. At Snelson PhotoColor Lab, we're here to help you create lasting memories through beautiful photos.

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